What makes 8 PH alkaline water right for me?....


High pH alkaline water simulates the structured water in the body and is easily absorbed, enabling hydration replenishment.


Enhance the body's ability to fight off disease and repair itself, by building up the immune system.


8 pH is a natural antioxidant, allowing the body to neutralize and block free-radicals into oxygen, to produce efficient energy and oxygenation of body tissue.

Look Younger

Have clearer skin that glows, reduce breakouts, soften winkles and start accepting all the complements you will receive.

Toxic Cleansing

Extracts the accumulated acid from the body, from eating all the wrong foods, taking prescription medications, medical aliments.  

Holistic Balance

8 pH alkaline water helps the body maintain the perfect pH balance to potentially rid the body of illnesses like cancer, since it cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Yield to Nature

No artificial anything in 8 pH water - no reverse osmosis or chemicals added, just 100% natural electrolyte mineral water.