Our Mission

To provide only the best and purest waters to our customers. 
help us achieve our goal, to have people become healthier, more energetic and have an increased sense of well being. 


Top 8 Benefits to 8 pH water

1. 8 pH alkaline water helps maintain the balance of body fluids.

  • Our body is composed of 60% structured water

2. 8 pH alkaline water will help control calorie intake. Make it part of your weight loss strategy.

  • The brain triggers your thirst mechanism reaching for anything to quench thirst, when low on fluids

3. 8 pH alkaline water will help to energize
your muscles with naturally occurring electrolytes.                 

  • Cells need a balance of fluids and electrolytes to prevent muscle fatigue

4. 8 pH alkaline water helps you look radiant & youthful from natural minerals in our springs.

  • Our skin needs hydration and should contain plenty of water to prevent excess fluid loss


5. 8 pH alkaline water will support your kidneys in doing their job being a natural mineral water.

  • Kidneys do an amazing job cleaning & ridding our body's toxins, if we replenish our water intake

6. 8 pH alkaline water will help you to maintain a normal bowel function due to its high pH.

  • The right hydration will help to maintain
    a healthy gastrointestinal tract, preventing constipation

7. 8 pH alkaline is 100% natural. No ionization, No reverse osmosis or chemicals added.    

  • American College of Sports medicine suggests drinking 17 oz. of water 2-hours pre-workout.

8. The founder and partners stand behind 8 pH alkaline water to support health & wellness.

  • Holistic wellness incorporates your mind, spirit and body